The beautiful pearls that are born of struggle are a reflection of our own challenges. Regardless of our past and where we are today, with time and culturing we can discover our destiny. Nature opens our eyes to what our future holds, and what we can become.”

~ Natalie Johnston, founder Aphrodite’s Oysters
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What Makes Aphrodite’s Oysters Unique

“Joining Aphrodite’s alongside my mother, Ledith, has been one of the best decisions we could have made. It is something so special we get to do together, we get to make customers feel that same excitement and happiness I felt watching Natalie myself AND it allows me to stay home with my children full time. Aphrodite’s Oysters has so much to love! From the fantastic business opportunities to the amazing teamwork and leadership qualities that truly sets each consultant up for success. Not to mention the AMAZING jewelry, the entire process is an experience like no other and I am so lucky to be a part of Aphrodite’s Oysters!”

Haley A.

“I was totally scared to start this business, and would never have imagined that a pearl in an oyster could change my life forever. That is where my journey began a year ago. I love looking in the oyster to discover what color the Pearl is, and watching the customer’s reaction to the reveal is magical. I also have become very good friends with Natalie and it has been amazing to have such a positive influence in my life. What I love most about Aphrodite’s Oysters is the connections I have made with people from all around the world. I have created the Best Pearl Family that I could ask for, and have life-long friends that I talk to every single day. I personally love our products, and they are the best quality.”

Alexa T.

“Life before AO was exhausting. I was working 40-50 hours a week with an infant to take care of at home. Even before having a child it was just exhausting, running around a restaurant for hours, long hours, late nights and sore feet. AO has changed my life in incredible ways. I no longer work in a restaurant. I work from home, I make my own hours, and I get to watch my daughter grow up. I love AO for so many reasons, I get to be a stay at home mom, I have met amazing people from all over the world, I have the freedom to be creative within my business.”

Jamie O.

Consultant Starter Kits

Essentials Kit ($129) includes:

  • 20 oysters on deposit
  • Caliper
  • Oyster Shucker
  • Plastic Pearl Storage Bags
  • Getting Started Tools, including: Door Prize Slips, Party Invites, Hostess Brochure, Jump Start Program Flyer, Start With Success Guide *see the FILES in the AO Consultant Facebook Group

The jewelry pieces included in the pictures may vary from kit to kit depending on season and availability.

Ultimate Kit ($249) includes:

Everything in the Essentials Kit PLUS…

  • 5 Pieces of Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • 5 Sterling Silver Chains
  • Oyster Storage Bin
  • Cutting Board
  • Party Tray
  • 2 Towels

Replicated website fee of $9.99 per month after first month FREE

New Consultants can earn $1000+ of new products with our Jump Start program!
Plus: recognition, rewards, leadership opportunities, and more!

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How It Works

Why become an Aphrodite's Oysters Consultant?
Here at Aphrodite’s Oysters, we are upbeat, encouraging and genuinely care about your success. Yes, you get to start your own business and we are there every step of the way.  We give our best in trying to make sure you have the best chance to achieve your goals and we have a great team of leaders and consultants to help push you in the right direction. Our leaders will give you hands-on support with access to groups, group chats and many resources to make sure all of your questions or concerns are addressed. Discover your inner Goddess and join Aphrodite’s Oysters!
How much do I get paid and what other bonuses do you offer?
  • Up to 35% commission on personal sales
  • Consultant discount up to 50%
  • Recruit team members and watch your business grow
  • Qualifying leaders can earn additional commissions and bonuses on team sales
  • Commissions paid weekly. Bonuses paid monthly.
What makes the Aphrodite's Oysters opportunity stand out?
Our 4 pillars of success are what makes Aphrodite’s Oysters a unique direct selling company. Dream big, Discover your gifts and talents, Dare to be great and achieve all your heart’s Desires. All of the products are guaranteed and shipped directly to your customer so you can focus on what really matters – enjoying the flexibility and fun of having your own business.
How do I order oysters for parties?
20 oysters are included with your starter kit and will be replenished as they are sold and the order is processed (additional shipping applies). To gain access to additional oysters you will need to put down a deposit per oyster. As you open and sell the oysters, a new supply will be shipped to you over and over again. Since the oysters are on deposit, you can return them at any time for your full deposit refund, as long as oysters are returned in original packaging within 30 days of your last party.