Environmentally Friendly Pearl Party Tray of 5 Reveals (not from real oyster)

Pearl Party Tray is a tray of 5 Reveals in our environmentally friendly plastic pods that you Open Live during one of our Live Facebook shows! 

Potential Pearl colors are Pink, Peach, White, Purple, Black, Green, Red, Gray and Blue and more! MANY MORE COLOR OPTIONS THAN PICK A PEARLS 

The pearls will be between 6mm- 8mm in size

GREAT for gifts and to have fun watching them opened live!

If you already own a cage or a few, you can interchange with any pearl that you get from your 5 oysters!!

For safe keeping, a linen bag is included. 


* while we strive to provide the highest quality of pearls, purchasing an opening you understand that there may be some blemishes on the pearl. Dimpling is naturally occurring during the oysters making process of the pearl. In most cases, dimpling can be hidden in the jewelry when set and we make every attempt to do so. In some cases dimpling may be visible if it cannot be hidden. There are no Refunds/exchanges of pearls with naturally occurring dimples. 

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